Mobile Mapping

Cover a much larger area in less time.

Road side surveys are time consuming, only a small amount of the time is actually spent on assessing damages and deviations. When your company is responsible for the maintenance of assets in the public space, you’ll probably have wondered how to improve the productivity. At Horus, we know everything there is to know about registering public space, and that’s why we developed our Mobile Mapping system. It helps you to focus on assessing areas and roadside assets that require maintenance. The productivity of inspections increase significantly because you can cover a much larger area in less time. The quality of the inspection and survey increases with the high resolution cameras. Viewing images and assessing them from your desktop is much more comfortable. And it is safer.

• Support for many sensors (camera, GPS, INS , etc.) available in market today;
• Different sensors can be aligned / calibrated in postprocessing if required;
• No data processing required, except postprocessing of GPS trajectory;
• Less cost and huge area mapping;
• Acquire & Extract meaningful information in less time;
• High relative and positional accuracy;
• Directly work with Geo content CAD/GIS, 3D extraction of inventory data.


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