Accident Investigation System

A broad perspective on road accident analysis.

In order to accurately investigate Road Traffic Incidents and to present accurate evidence in Court as well as insurance companies, the Police are required to fully investigate all serious accidents. Often the investigation process forces roads to be closed after an incident, which causes extensive delays to road users.

Such delays can now be significantly reduced through the Horus Accident Investigation System, allowing the Police to record the scene of an accident from a moving vehicle using High-Definition video imaging. The detailed recordings create an incredibly accurate image or movie of the accident scene, which can then be analysed back at the police station, allowing the road to be re-opened immediately after the making the recording. This reduces the cost of every investigation enormously as there is no need for a full investigation team to attend the scene.

This detailed analysis includes accurate measurements of skidmarks, damage to road surface or road-side furniture. The software also allows for simulations and reconstructions to be carried out, giving the Police Officer the tools needed to investigate the incident in detail. 

The system has a 360 degrees video camera for easy mounting an a roof, GPS/IMU, touchscreen.  Use the standard Horus software tools to measure, annotate and communicate with images of every direction.

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