Horus delivers services to capture roads, waterways and rail. Safe, fast, transparent. A fast way to update your assetmanagement info and inspection.

We also provide Rental Solutions. 


Safe, efficient, in controll. Check the condition of roads. A lot of Dutch roads have been inspected with the High Resolution video. This product has been developed with experts in the field of road inspection. Inspectors can qualify the condition safe at the office. Standard methods for assessement can be used (like the Dutch CROW 146A, 147 or DWW).

Capturing of the roads can be done without disturbing the traffic (130 km/h). 



Each single meter will be captured. This is very usefull to capture the situation before a big project starts. Save time and money about possible project damage. 

Usefull services that we provide:

  • 360 graden video shooting (objects will be captured on the left, right, top, bottum);
  • High resolution video (pixels will be focussed on area of interest, like borders, to inspect the assets);
  • Singlebeam and Side scanning sonar;


We partner with companies that have access to railways. Sometimes it is even possible to attach a video device on a regular train. That saves money and is a fast way to capture all your assets.