About Horus

Horus helps organizations that are working in, or are responsible for the public space, to communicate more clearly, by the use of images, in order to increase the productivity and to lower the costs.

Horus View and Explore is a independent software company located in The Netherlands and delivers solutions to work with images and sensor information. Often a combination of the following technics is used.

  • sensortechnology;
  • video;
  • geographical informations systems;
  • image recognition (computer vision)

Horus delivers services to capture data for projects and delivers software to capture this data and to analyse the data. 

The solutions are based on COTS (commercial available off the shelf) hardware, that means that for every application and every budget there is a solution. Horus works together with partners in and outside the Netherlands.

Customers are construction companies, engineering companies, police organisations, defense and the creative industry.