• Video based mobile mapping software
    Video based mobile mapping software Mapping the world with Horus
  • Mobile Mapping Software
    Mobile Mapping Software Video based multi sensor platform
  • Situational awareness
    Situational awareness Common operational picture
  • Georeferenced video
    Georeferenced video Measure, project Cad, GIS
  • Immersive video solutions
    Immersive video solutions See the unseen
  • Visual road inspection
    Visual road inspection Safe, fast, controllable, fit to purpose
  • Asset management
    Asset management Count, qualify, forecast
  • Immersive video view
    Immersive video view Persistent wide area surveillance

Movie Player

Watch geo-referenced video, zoom in, navigate on the map. The Horus Movie Player is the free software to view and play Horus Video. Location of the video will be shown on the map. 

There is a new lowcoast module available: This reads directly Ladybug3 or Ladybug5 (PGR) data! When GPS data was recorded it will show its location on the map.

Above an example of an Ladybug5 sample recording.

Horus ViewandExplore

Unieke LIVE VR experience voor de golf liefhebber tijdens het KLM Open. United realiseerde dit in samenwerking met Horus View and Explore.

by Horus ViewandExplore